Naturopathic Medicine and the Treatment of Autoimmune disease

The human body is equipped with intrinsic defense mechanisms that combat disease-causing agents. These mechanisms make up our immune system. However, sometimes this defense reroutes its course of action. As a result, the immune system goes rogue. Instead of fighting the , it attacks healthy body cells and organs. 

This phenomenon in which the immune system assaults against the body is called autoimmunity. Hence the term .  

Every organ in our body is predisposed to an autoimmune attack.  One can well imagine the havoc created by autoimmune diseases. In addition, the prevalence of autoimmune diseases is increasing day by day. There are more than 80 diseases categorized as autoimmune. For instance, rheumatoid , , multiple sclerosis, , , and . The list does not seem to end any soon. In fact, about 5-8% of the U.S. population suffers from some autoimmune disease.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine focuses on the symptomatic treatment of a disease state. Moreover, the cause of autoimmunity is not known to modern medicine. It is here that naturopathic medicine is an excellent resource to help individuals develop tools to support their bodies. 

What is naturopathic medicine?

employs alternate remedies to treat a disease. It may or may not be a part of the conventional healthcare system. The basic principles of naturopathic medicine include:

  • Addressing the root cause of an ailment
  • Stimulating the body into its self-healing mode 
  • Employment of safe, non- methods with fewer side effects
  • Treatment of the patient holistically instead of the disease entity

It is vital to get advice from a naturopathic because they are and trained to practice their skills. A naturopathic doctor devises custom treatment plans specifically for each patient. 

Naturopathy medicine is gaining popularity because the naturopathic doctor treats the patient at a more personal level. The treatment protocol is not only easy on the patient due to less invasive treatments that are less likely to cause side effects, it also is created based on each patient’s unique circumstances and beliefs.

How naturopathic medicine deals with autoimmune diseases? 

A disease process is the consequence of the body’s inflammatory response to pathogenic triggers. A variety of stimuli are capable of initiating the inflammatory response. For example, stress, infectious agents, food , sensitivities to chemicals, toxic exposure, , a leaky , , and so on. 

 In autoimmune diseases, the inflammatory response escapes the check-n-balance. Some treatments try to hold back this autoimmune response via immune-suppressing medications. These drugs come tagged with loads of side effects.

, on the other hand, utilizes methods that cater to the root cause of the damaging inflammatory response. Here is how:

  • Identification of the potential toxins and infections

Repeated and infections causes our bodies to remain in a continuous state of inflammation. This is believed to initiate an autoimmune reaction. Such stressors could be infections, environmental pollutants, bad eating habits, or unhealthy lifestyles. 

A would identify these stimuli first. Removal of these stressors and with healing modules follows. This may include quitting smoking, adopting some exercise, consuming foods (fresh fruits and vegetables), the inclusion of dietary supplements (omega-3s, turmeric), and so on. 

  • Pin-pointing the hidden allergies

In most autoimmunity cases, the patient is suffering from a long-standing allergy or without even knowing it. For example, allergy to gluten or . It is the job of the naturopathic doctor to rule out any such hidden culprits. 

  • Managing leaky gut

Our gut is the hub of our immune response. A healthy gut works to cut back the inflammatory response throughout the body. A naturopathic medical doctor diagnoses any irregularities of the gut. Be it the imbalance of gut flora or injudicious use of ; a naturopathic doctor finds ways to correct the balance.

  • Improving immunity

Addressing the immune response is important in naturopathic medicine. Consuming more of an anti-inflammatory diet, supplementing with probiotics, , D, and E, or herbal elements like curcumin, adopting an exercise, taking on a healthy habit, and getting ample sleep; these are some of the modulators of the immune response in our bodies. 

  • Reducing stress

A naturopathic doctor goes for natural treatments to treat the patients. These may come from stress relievers like meditation, yoga, Tai-, and massage therapy. 

Take home message

There is one thing that the fast-paced lifestyle of ours has taught us. That is, less is more, and keeping life simple is therapeutic. Overactivity leads to disease initiation as in autoimmune diseases.  

Naturopathic medicine integrates minimalism in our lives by introducing natural elements. A naturopathic doctor extends this concept as healing protocols to every one of our life aspects. Be it diet, sleep, exercise, or work. Taking the holistic path is the key to addressing autoimmune disease and living a quality life.

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