My name is Dr. Scott, and I believe all of us have a gift we can offer to the world, to our family, and to ourselves… and it is in discovering and giving this gift that I believe we will find true fulfillment and joy in our lives. It is so challenging to give your gift, enjoy your life and ultimately feel happy if you don’t have your health!

Whether you’re feeling exhausted, your self-confidence is low because you’re not happy with your weight, or you’re experiencing aches and pains… it’s going to be challenging to live an adventurous, exciting and fulfilling life! As a Naturopathic Physician, my purpose is to help you live your BEST life by helping you feel more energetic, love who you see in the mirror because you’re at your ideal weight and feel younger.

When we work together, I have 2 promises for you:

One, I won’t simply just tell you what to do… I will teach and empower you so you actually understand my approach. Two, you will be deeply listened to.

I can’t wait to work together! Call the front desk at (425) 800-6187 to get scheduled with Dr. Scott and begin reclaiming your health!


15015 Main Street

Practitioner’s Details
Practice name

Le Center for Health & Wellness

Areas of Expertise

My specialties include but are not limited to:

Health and lifestyle counseling
work-related stress,
relationship issues,
life transitions,
health problems and chronic health problems
Sustainable weight loss
Gut Health
Digestive issues
Hormonal imbalances
Thyroid disorders
Nutrition coaching
Poor energy levels

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