Based in the Seattle, WA area. ⁣

My passion is helping people enjoy life and attain the goals which only a healthy mind, body, and spirit provides.⁣

Through proper nutrition, healthy habits, and self-awareness, we can build a good foundation for healing. I use nutritional and biochemical markers to direct treatment in order to achieve and maintain health goals. My approach is to optimize the natural processes of your body to get you feeling great.⁣

▪️Athletic optimization⁣
▪️ Regenerative Injections (Prolotherapy, Perineural Injection Therapy)

▪️Cognitive improvement⁣
▪️Energy and vitality building⁣
▪️Gut restoration⁣
▪️Hormone balancing⁣
▪️Nutrient repletion⁣
▪️Genetic tuning⁣


5600 14th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA, USA

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Practice name

Village Medicine

Areas of Expertise

Musculoskeletal Injury/pain, athletic performance, nutrition, fatigue, GI, allergies, hormones, mold, chronic infections, mood, fatty liver, blood sugar, diet, weight, cognitive improvement, candida.

Labs: nutrition, mold, genetics, heavy metals, advanced lipids, sinus, adrenal, GI, SIBO.

Therapies: IV therapy, nutritional shots, IM shots, B12, regenerative injections, Prolotherapy, Perineural therapy.

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    Regence, Premera

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  • Brett
    November 22, 2020 at 1:47 am

    Paul is great! After other treatments spanning 9 months that did nothing to relieve my pain in my left knee, Paul put hands on, felt that my quad was way too tight, and decided injections were a good option for me. No other doctor had taken the time to feel the muscles in my leg, which after I rolled my quad out (his suggestion) and received a few rounds of shots, I was able to go from not being above to run half a mile to running 7 miles. If you’re looking for a doctor that will take a caring, fresh, and natural perspective for your health, Paul is the guy!

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