Laura Z. Weldon, ND, MS (she/they) earned both her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a master's degree in integrative mental health from the National University of Natural Medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree in english literature at Columbia University and her post-bacc pre-med at the University of Louisville. Her interdisciplinary research currently focuses on the pathophysiology and treatment of autistic burnout, and her work advocates for a neurodiversity paradigm shift across both medicine and society.

Licensed in Oregon, Dr. Weldon also works over telemedicine with neurodivergent and chronically ill clients across the United States. She provides trauma-informed naturopathic consulting and coaching services, using herbs, nutrition, movement, health counseling, and craniosacral therapy to establish and embody a radical concept of wellness that includes autistic and disabled populations.


United States

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Weldon Wellness

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Autism, neurodivergence, chronic illness, mental health, dissociation, hypermobility, dysautonomia, neuroinflammation, autistic burnout, gastrointestinal conditions, trauma-informed care, disability justice, craniosacral therapy

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