I am a naturopathic doctor who started in the nursing field and has worked extensively within both naturopathic and conventional medical settings. I approach health care holistically, looking at every possible influence on a patient’s health through the lens of nutrigenomics (how your genetics influence how you process and function within your environment).

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medical sciences, focusing on microbiology and chemistry, at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. After 2 years working in the nursing field, I decided to turn to a more holistic approach to medicine, and attended the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon, one of only five accredited naturopathic programs in the United States. Following graduation, I went on to complete a two-year naturopathic family medicine residency specializing in community health care.

Since 2015, I have worked in urgent and primary care settings in Salem, gaining valuable experience in combining conventional and natural therapies. Upon opening my private practice, I focus on bridging the benefits of both approaches to health, to create comprehensive, individualized programs for my patients that use naturopathic principles in combination with appropriate conventional medical guidelines.

I currently focus on hormone optimization (which can include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy), weight loss, peptide therapy, anti-aging medicine, medical aesthetics and nutrigenomics, with a primary focus to restore health to the gut, immune system and hormone pathways, through the lens of your genetics, in order to help my patients function at their best!


805 Liberty Street Northeast, Salem, OR, USA

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    ND, BSc

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    National University of Natural Medicine

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Astrea Family Wellness

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hormone replacement therapy, hormone balance, immune restoration, peptide therapy, weight loss, integrative skin care, Botox, PRP skin care, IV nutrient therapy, nutrigenomics/nutrigenetics

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