Dr Dylan Krueger, NMD graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ after receiving extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine.  He also has completed post-graduate training in regenerative medicine (Stem Cell Therapy/ PRP / amniotic allografts / stem cell derived-exosomes) and mentorship with some of Arizona’s top Regenerative Medicine Specialists.  He soon combined his interests in functional medicine and pain management with his business background to form Atlas Health Medical Group in Gilbert, AZ.  His private practice focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of pain with minimal use of pharmaceutical care.  Dr. Krueger’s passion for non-surgical solutions, regenerative medicine, nutrition and exercise is utilized with every patient he sees as he creates personalized treatment plans that fit patients’ busy lives.  This comprehensive approach has helped patients live pain free with improved quality of life while reducing the need for opioids.  Dr. Krueger loves offering cutting edge therapies and has saved hundreds of patients from needing surgery.  Dr. Krueger was born and raised in a small Minnesota town and often travels back to the Midwest to visit friends and family.  He doubled majored in Biology and Psychology while attending the University of North Dakota and graduated with honors.  In his free time, he enjoys camping, golfing, weight lifting, watching MN sports teams, and spending time with his wife and dog.


1447 W. Elliot Rd. #103, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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Atlas Health Medical Group

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Pain Management, Men's Health, Regenerative Medicine, Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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