Hello! I am a licensed naturopathic physician in Oregon and California, offering in-person holistic primary care to Oregonians and also long-distance consulting to patients in California. I received my BA in Health and Society at Wellesley College (yes, it’s an all-Womxn’s College), and then I completed naturopathic medical school and residency at NUNM, here in Portland.

I feel obligated to say here that I hate describing myself. It’s uncomfortable to feel like bragging, but it’s also important to celebrate ourselves - something that women don’t necessarily get a lot of opportunities to do! I think it’s important to celebrate how far we’ve all come as individuals and as a community. We are all uniquely and beautifully different, and this is part of the intersectionality of who we are, what drives us and what affects our health. We’re complicated and amazing human beings, and I’m here to help however I can- whether thats through the care I provide, or through other resources I can connect you to.

In my care, I hope you’ll find a compassionate provider who listens to you, and helps you figure out the options and directions to health that fit your lifestyle. I’m influenced by an intersectional approach to care that is truly holistic- because how could I begin to understand how to help you if I can’t first understand you and what makes you, you?!

I feel honored every day to help my patients in their individual journeys to health and wellness- whatever that means to them!- and I look forward to working together to get YOU started on that journey too. Where can your health journey can take you?


1540 Southeast Clinton Street, Portland, OR, USA

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    National University of Natural Medicine

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Cadence Natural Health, LLC

Areas of Expertise

Women's Health,
Non-binary, Trans-gender and LGBTQ centered care,
Gender Inclusive Hormone Balance,
Menstrual Cycle Optimization for Athletes of all sizes,
Diabetes and Prediabetes management,
Endocrine and metabolic condition adjunctive care,
Fertility for families of all types and sizes,
Sex-positive STI testing and prevention,
Thyroid, Adrenal and HPA axis dysregulation,
Chronic fatigue,
Chronic pain

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