Naturopathic and Chinese medicine have helped me develop a medical practice capable of nourishing the vitality of each individual, not just managing disease. My hope is that my practice makes the experience of seeking and receiving healthcare as humane, personal, and significant as it is.

I treat a wide variety of conditions and concerns. I have expertise and enjoy supporting patients with their digestive symptoms, mental and emotional health, skin conditions, autoimmune issues, allergies, respiratory conditions and hormonal imbalances.  I love supporting people to find greater ease in themselves, expand and optimize their wellness, and grow into their fullest and best selves.


Minneapolis, MN, USA

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    ND, LAc

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    National University of Natural Medicine

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Clair Hamilton, ND, LAc

Areas of Expertise

Musculoskeletal pain, Mental-emotional health, Gastrointestinal health, Hormones

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