Why claim, or add your listing?

  • In one sentence: We make each ND discoverable to the world with online viral marketing techniques and drive more business to you in today’s online world, at no cost to you.

Why are we doing this?

  • We are techies and an ND career specialist that are grateful patients of naturopathic medicine.  The founder saw his mom’s diabetes completely turn around and was amazed at the outcome! At this point he realized that this little secret of naturopathic medicine needs to become widely known to the general public. Allowing the public to search the breadth and depth of what North American NDs have to offer will raise awareness about the opportunities for personalized health care available, increasing the patients’ health and the doctor’s practices. 

In what ways will you (ND) benefit from NDsearch?

  •  We promote each profile on all the major search engines including Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo and social networks. When you have an updated NDSearch profile, your business will appear high up in the search results. You can also be easily discovered by the general public based on location, medical conditions, name of the ND, school and other filters. All this at no cost to you.

Why will the NDSearch approach work?

  • The NDsearch team uses well proven viral marketing and online technologies to raise awareness of the caliber of education, knowledge and health that naturopathic doctors offer patients. NDSearch also plans to do extensive SEO so that NDs are easily discoverable online by prospective patients seeking better solutions for their health. The engineering team behind NDsearch has over 40 years of deep expertise in the technology industry and over a couple hundred patents to their name! Simply put they know how the internet and technology works inside out. And they are committed to naturopathic medicine. 

Why should you trust us?

  • We have been partnering with the ND community in Portland for the last few years on technology matters and one of us worked for NUNM for six years. We have spent a lot of time with individual NDs to understand their technology and business pain points, as well as helped build their online presence and set up EHR systems that work toward reducing paper work and eliminating phone calls. As grateful patients of natural medicine we would like to see the ND community shine. We are happy to provide references for our work with the local ND community so you can be rest assured that we are for real and we believe in the cause.

Can anyone in the wellness business list themselves on NDsearch?

  •  No, we will only provide listings to naturopathic doctors that are currently licensed to practice and who were trained at one of the seven schools that are accredited by organizations approved by their government’s education department and the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education.