Muthaiah Venkatachalam, a grateful patient of natural medicine is passionate about practical and moderate uses of technology. His main interest is to bring the right balance of technology to NDs and make them easily discoverable by the American and Canadian population who are interested in root causing their health. He is always happy to engage with NDs and graduating NDs about the optimal use of technology. He has been in the tech industry for two decades and has a couple hundred patents to his name.

Tafflyn Williams-Thomas spent six years working at the National University of Natural Medicine, helping NDs and other natural medicine professionals start their careers or improve their businesses.

During her tenure, she was the chair of the AANMC’s Career Development Committee and a member of the AANP’s Profac committee. Tafflyn led the effort for NUNM to track annual employment outcomes and helped secure the Scholars for a Healthy Oregon, Naturopathic Physician Opportunities (SHONPO) scholarships. In addition, she was self-employed as a workforce development consultant for ten years.  Ms. Williams-Thomas provided leadership to the Portland Design Festivals, Mayor Katz’ Creative Economy Initiative and the creation of the West-Portland One Stop.

Tafflyn’s placement background includes working adults who have experienced houselessness, individuals with cognitive disabilities and youth. She was part of a Spirit of Portland Award winning team. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in communications from U of O and a Master’s in Business Administration-Healthcare Management from Marylhurst University. She is also currently the board president for Willowbrook Arts Camp.

Tafflyn Williams