Cold Laser Treaments_ What You Need To Know

Chronic pain is regarded as a symptom of our constantly on-the-go lives. We live busy lives of constant action, only to later complain of aches and pains that never go away. This pressing need and concern have shed light on various solutions, which are medical practices with a single goal: to allow the human body to heal once more.

Acupuncture and chiropractic have long been regarded as pain-relief methods, but technology has paved the way for another solution—cold laser treatment. It’s an innovative form of technology, one that has been postulated to work as well as physical therapy. Some believe that the cold laser treatment is a testament to the evolution of alternative medicine, with the power of light now being used for healing. 

If you’re someone dealing with chronic pain and wish to learn more about cold laser treatment, here’s a quick guide for you: 

How does cold laser treatment work?

Cold laser treatments work by creating strong impulses of light at a specific wavelength, usually 905 nm. The lasers focus these light impulses at a specific area of the body, where they’re absorbed and begin to take effect.

Typically, cold laser treatments make use of two methods. The first method is targeting acupuncture trigger points, which employs the same strategies as acupuncture treatments, but without the needles. The other method is through promoting changes within deep tissues over a wider area via lasers.

Why choose cold laser treatment?

Acupuncture and surgery are one of the most well-known treatments for chronic pain, but both of these require invasive treatments. Needles and knives are necessary to relieve pain, but through cold laser treatment, a patient need only be subjected to light. As a non-invasive treatment, there’s also no need for drugs, meaning that any risks of addiction and dependence are eliminated entirely. 

It’s also highly preferred due to its simplicity, as patients need only be exposed to light, as opposed to being hooked up in tubes and other necessary equipment. Cold laser treatment can also be used in a variety of ways, but most people seeking the healing power of this treatment suffer from the following conditions:

Are there any potential concerns?

Cold laser therapy can provide a host of benefits, but it is not without concerns. This therapy can provide pain relief but can’t actually target the underlying conditions that may be causing the pain. There are conflicting studies regarding the benefits involved and results may be different from person to person.

Looking Beyond 

The use of lasers isn’t entirely new in the medical field. It’s substantially used in a variety of ways, including heart surgery, cosmetic procedures, and up until recently, heart surgery. This alone is a testament to the power harnessing light can bring, especially when it comes to the betterment of human health.

Sending a specific amount of energy on human vital spots can now be done, which is exactly what cold lasers can do. After a while, pain can break down and conditions can heal. It’s a rapidly growing medical treatment plan, and from everything gathered, it’ll only get bigger from here.

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