Can Naturopathic Doctors (NDS) Order Labs?

Can Naturopathic Doctors (NDS) Order Labs?

Can Naturopathic Doctors (NDS) Order Labs?

In many states Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) can order labs and interpret them.  The ability to order labs is determined by each state’s scope of work.  In licensed states NDs can order labs and use them to diagnose and treat patients.   States that do not license NDs vary in their scope of work and may allow NDs to work with other practitioners or third-party labs to support their patient’s lab testing needs. 


Insurance coverage for lab work ordered by Naturopathic Doctors will depend on the scope of work, insurance company and type of labs ordered. The best way to assure that any lab work that is ordered by an ND will be covered by your insurance company is to call your insurer directly with information on the type of labs, where they will be completed and the referring doctor.   The insurance company can tell you if the lab work is covered and how much of the cost is covered. If you are seeing an ND who is covered by your insurance, the doctor or their staff can often tell you if the labs, they are recommending are covered by your insurance company. It is important to ask your doctor about coverage since many NDs order labs that are not commonly covered by insurance. These labs can be very important to understanding the root cause of any illness or symptoms that you may be experiencing; however, they can be expensive so you need to know if you will be paying the cost out of pocket.


Naturopathic doctors employ a holistic or complete approach when it comes to treating issues that are related to the gastrointestinal system. Their aim is to provide a long term and sustainable fix that will eliminate the root of the problem instead of its symptoms. If you don’t have a Naturopathic doctor or yours does not specialize in GI and digestive complaints, then use NDsearch to find the right doctor to meet your needs at a location near you.

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