3 Natural Solutions to Your Seasonal Allergies

Most people look forward to spring with excitement and anticipation. Now that the long, dreary days of winter are gone, everyone can comfortably go outside and lie in the sun or play sports without worrying about frostbite. However, when spring arrives, it also signals the beginning of allergy season.

Dealing with perpetual sneezing, itchy eyes, and a steady production of mucus is never easy. Even when you’ve thought you wiped away all your fluids, your nose seems to produce an endless supply. While you can always buy antihistamines, you may be considering a safer, more naturopathic approach. Doing so will help prepare your body for spring, preventing the allergic reactions that punctuate the season.

Here are three natural solutions to your seasonal allergies:

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that’s commonly found in fish, flax, and nuts. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, along with a host of other health benefits. Taking an appropriate amount of omega-3 can help prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of diabetes, and reduce symptoms in those suffering from seasonal allergies. 

Including omega-3 in your diet will balance the arachidonic acid you receive from eating high amounts of meat and eggs responsible for instigating inflammatory reactions in the body. By eating foods rich in omega-3 supplements, you may experience an improvement in your allergic symptoms. 

These are compounds that produce the color present in many fruits and vegetables. They also double as antioxidants regulating the body’s immune reaction to typical seasonal allergens and other agents. 

One of the most effective bioflavonoids you can take is quercetin, as it works as an anti-inflammatory agent to prevent the release and manufacture of histamine in your body. It also helps vitamin C work more efficiently in your system, which is why bioflavonoids from citrus fruits and green tea are incredibly beneficial. They also help with blood flow and capillary permeability, which keeps the discomfort and swelling caused by releasing histamine. 

  • Homeopathic Products

Homeopathics work differently than vitamins or other herbal products. They are inexpensive yet natural products that boost the body’s natural healing capacity on subtle levels. They’re incredibly safe with few to no side effects, unlike chemical drugs. A qualified homeopath will prescribe products specific to your needs, ensuring you receive the most personalized and effective prescription. 

There are numerous remedies available for seasonal allergies. You can opt for allium cepa, which is found to be effective when your nasal mucus is irritating your nose or upper lip. You can also opt for euphrasia officinalis if your eyes repeatedly tear up, producing a burning sensation. It’s also useful for respiratory symptoms, like coughs and runny noses, which worsen when you wake up in the morning. Given the many options for homeopathic products, it’s best to consult with natural path doctors.


Many synthetic medications simply don’t work at relieving seasonal allergies. Your body may have gotten used to it, especially if you took it frequently to improve your symptoms, or it was simply ineffective. At this point, you may want to explore functional medicine that offers safe and non-toxic ways for you to resolve your seasonal allergies.